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Privacy Policy for Junk Cars North Carolina

Welcome to Our Privacy Policy

Our services work best when we know a little more about you. So, to help deliver a better experience and address any service requests you may have, we collect some information about you such as your name, address, contact information and even a few things that can be specific to helping you, like social accounts or vehicle data.

Some of your other information will also be collected so we can learn a bit more about our customers. This can include things like your IP address which we’ll use to see where visitors come from so we better offer content that’s relevant to our audience. Typically, this information is collected through options such as cookies, and we hope it makes it more enjoyable to use our services.

Safety is Our Biggest Concern

Junk Cars North Carolina is in the business of serving you best. That means we always do what we can to keep your information safe and secure. Junk Cars North Carolina will also work to make as much data as anonymous as possible, so we limit the length and quantity of any sensitive information.

We limit the employees who can access your data, the servers it is stored on, and don’t share your information unless you specifically say it’s okay. No third party will get access to your information, just the individual partners that you say “yes” to.

The main reason we ask to share information is to give you access to great service from people we trust or to share the right news and coupons relevant to you.

Say No at Any Time

Your data is yours, and we’ll always respect what you want us to do with it. You can always choose not to share with us or our partners. And, if you’ve said yes in the past but change your mind about the newsletters or other contacts you’re getting, simply opt-out and we’ll adjust our lists as fast as possible.

Policies Represent Us and May Change

Junk Cars North Carolina uses this policy to represent how we will handle your data. That means we cannot control how any third-party website or service will use your information. Please look at those privacy policies before you accept their terms and use their sites. We’ll try to only link to reputable sites, but we unfortunately can’t guarantee what others will do.

Carolina will work hard to always respect your privacy and data decisions, but we ask that you check back here regularly to make sure you still agree to our stated policies.